See me as God does.  Not what I am, but who I am, and who I will be.

For a more in-depth discussion of the abortion issue:

All these restrictions on abortion are going to take us back to the dark ages.

Response-We are in fact returning to the dark ages, but it is because of abortion, not because of restrictions on abortion.  Fifty five million American babies have been aborted since Roe v Wade in 1973.  How can we waste all of that potential and not expect dire consequences in all the fields of human endeavor?  Scientists, inventors, doctors, philosophers and artists representing a large swath of our population who would have been born, are now dead, as are their children and some of their Grandchildren.

Babies born to mothers who don’t want them will be abused and neglected.

Response-This argument seems to be made in regard to “those people”; not the economic class, race or ethnicity of the one making the argument.  The mass murder of babies, so that someday some of them might not get abused defies logic.  By that same logic, if we could abort only the female babies, we could eliminate rape in just a few years because we would have no more victims.

Maybe someone with God-like powers could pick and choose which babies are going to get abused and we could just kill those babies to prevent it.  Otherwise, we are going to be killing the wrong babies.  Child abuse and murder rates have gone up instead of down since Roe v Wade.  All types of child abuse (physical-sexual-emotional) have increased in the years and decades following Roe v Wade (1973) in spite of fifty five million “at risk” babies being aborted.  If abortion is supposed to fix Child Abuse, it is not working very well.

Homicides of Children Under Five Years of age:

1976-1980             2707 Killed

2001-2005            2928 Killed

A Woman should have a right to choose because it is her body.

Response-The corollary to a woman’s right to choose should be a baby’s right to live. 

Should the woman’s “choice” trump the baby’s right to live?

Does a baby have a right to live even though it is not yet born and is totally dependent on its mother from conception until it is several years old?  Should a mother who gave birth to a child have the right to kill that child if she chooses regardless of how old it is?  If a mother can kill a baby in the womb, why would she not have that same freedom a few minutes later after it is born? 

Has the baby made any poor choices that should result in taking away everything he is ever going to have, including his life?  What about the baby’s future children and their children?  Do they deserve any consideration?

A fetus is not a human so destroying it is not like killing a person.

Response-All DNA present in any human is present from the moment of conception, so every trait or characteristic that makes the person who they are is present at conception.

However, the issue can better be resolved by taking a moment to look into the face of a small child, preferably one you love or care about very much, and ask yourself one critical question:

If she had been aborted in the womb, would she be alive and standing in front of you right now, or would she be dead?  The answer is obvious.  Killing a fetus results in the death of a human regardless of whether or not you perceive the fetus to be human at the time it is killed.

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Arguments for Abortion and Pro-Life Responses

If abortions are illegal, women will get back alley abortions, which are dangerous.  Just as many babies will be aborted, but the abortions will be uncontrolled and unhealthy for the women.

Response-If Roe v Wade is ever overturned then strict enforcement and prison time for back alley abortion practitioners would have to be part of the equation.  This was not the case in the years leading up to Roe v Wade (1973).  We should also educate and encourage women not to make choices that are unhealthy physically and emotionally such as abortions or back alley abortions.  They are both physically and psychologically damaging.  Since no real statistics exist regarding the number of back alley abortions prior to Roe v Wade, the statement that just as many babies would be aborted has no basis in fact.

I am not yet ready, or do not want to have a baby now because..….. I’m too young, I’m too poor, I need to finish my education, I don’t love the baby’s father or he doesn’t love me, or any of hundreds of different reasons.

Response-All these justifications for abortion are logical.  They would make perfect sense if the discussion were about anything other than the death of your baby.  The baby will die of course, but that will not be the end of it for the mother.  Read on this web site about the life destroying psychological impact of abortion for mothers who make that choice.  It has changed many of their lives forever.  Their stories are heart rending and describe years of remorse, depression, self-loathing, divorce, and substance addiction.  Sometimes the onset of these problems happens many years after the abortion and they continue for decades leaving the life of the mother in ruins.  Many of their stories may be found on our INFORMATION page.

The answer is very simple.  Do WHATEVER IT TAKES to let your baby live.  Consider adoption if you are truly not ready to have a baby.  Don’t view abortion as a quick, easy fix because nothing could be further from the truth for the baby or for you.

Babies with handicaps or deformities will live a miserable life and would be better off aborted.

Response-Speak to any mother with a handicapped child and see how fiercely they love the child and how their life has been blessed and made richer by the child.  Every human is handicapped in one way or another.  Some people have unkind hearts, or an evil nature that causes pain and suffering for those around them.  Others act in horribly selfish ways and hurt other people instead of serving mankind.  No person is complete and perfect and the list of handicaps is virtually limitless.  Any one of the babies who are aborted for physical afflictions could well have been an Earth-shaking blessing, not just to the parents, but to the world.  Read this touching story, or watch this video about babies who were almost aborted.

I would consider adoption instead of abortion, but I don’t feel like I could give up my baby when the time came to hand him over to the adoptive parents.  It would be too heartbreaking.

Response-Of all the arguments anyone could make supporting abortion, this one is the most difficult to understand.  Thousands of pre-qualified prospective parents, unable to have children of their own are waiting for years for a child that they will love and care for as their own.  Babies could live instead of dying and have a good life with the adoptive parents.  Instead they are killed because the mother feels like it might be painful for her to give him up. 

Millions of mothers who have aborted will tell you that the aborting mother will still feel pain and heartbreak, but it will be spread out over a lifetime of depression and remorse.  A public official recently said he would rather see his teenage daughters get an abortion than to be “punished” with a baby.  Sadly, his daughters may pay a high price because he has not researched the life destroying psychological aftermath of the abortion decision.

Allan Hazlett, President of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys estimates that 30 to 40 couples are waiting to adopt every infant that is put up for adoption.